What are the Tricks and Tips for Instagram

Instagram has some hidden tricks, hacks, settings, search options and comment features you should be aware of. Instagram keeps adding new features which have made the services a little bit different from others social networking sites.

Particular accounts you follow stop getting posts and stories.

You can mute disturbing users without unfollowing them.

  • Press the three dot icon. This will you find in the corner of a post from the account you don’t want to get a notification.
  • Tap mute. You can select the options whether to mute posts or mute posts and stories from the account.
  • By clicking and holding on a Story, you can also mute posts and Stories.

Reorganize the order of your filters.

You can put your most used filter in the form so that you can post faster.

  • Go to Filter, when posting a picture or video.
  • Go to the end of your filters and press Manage.
  • Click and hold the three line icon on the left side of the menu to reorganize the order of your filters.
  • On the right side of menu check or uncheck the circles on the next to each filter to hide or unhide filters.
  • Press Done to save your settings.
  • Check all the posts you’ve liked.
  • You can see all the posts that you have liked before.
  • Open your profile.
  • Click the gear icon on apple device or the three dots on Android to open options.
  • Click Posts You ‘have liked. 

Clean your search history

Don’t let anyone know who has uses your phone how you behave with your frenemies.

  • Click your profile symbol icon to open your profile.
  • Click the gear icon on apple device or the three dots on Android to open options.
  • Go to the end, after that press Clear Search History.

Hide particular search history

Remove specific searches from coming into the search bar.

  • Press the magnifying glass icon to go to the search page.
  • Press the search bar at the top of the page.
  • Press and hold the search you want to hide from your history search list, after that click Hide.

When your favorite follower post new content turn on notifications

Don’t miss a post from your favorite followers and brands.

  • Open the profile page you want to get notifications from.
  • Press the three dots icon in the right of the page.
  • Choose Enable Post Notifications

Note: If you don’t want to enable the notification still then you can change it later. 

Get multiple accounts

To switch between accounts, you don’t have to log in and log out.

  • Press the person icon at the end of the page to go to your profile.
  • Click the gear icon on apple device or the three dots on Android to open options.
  • Go to the end and choose Add Account.
  • Type the username and password for the account you wish to add.
  • After adding your second account, the profile icon in the navigation bar will turn from a person image to your profile picture.
  • Go to your profile, to select which account you want to use.
  • Press your username at the top of the page.
  • Click the account you wish to switch to. 

Note: The limit is up to five accounts.

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