SSuite Blade Runner Portable Office Suite Launched for Windows

Sometimes it happens that you do not feel comfortable with your Microsoft Office, or you want to change it because of any reason. So good news for you here, in this blog you will see several options out there to choose from. Many alternatives are available to Microsoft Office in the market, and all are quite good, while others are not as so effective. We didn’t like to think that we have tried them all, but a new alternative to Office is recently caught in our attention, and it’s called SSuite Blade Runner. It is pretty decent for what it brings to the table. The file size is little less than 50MB, and on more benefit of this app is that it is a portable software, so there is no need to install anything.

If you want to get this program, download it, unzip the files, open the software, and then you will able to use it and do your work efficiently. Now, the concern is about running the program on Windows 10. In short, we can say that it is able to runs correctly on all Windows systems. Now we will discuss, how you can use SSuite Blade Runner on your computer system.

How to use SSuite Blade Runner? 

When the document writing tool is up and running, then you will see a colorful and animated user interface with some options to select on your screen from.

You are not pleased with the animation while it is a tool of the document – therefore, the animation is not required at here.

Here, you will get the main applications along with the given below such as-  a Word editor, a Spreadsheet editor besides this a note-taking tool.

Now you will get a web browser icon, but from our testing, it tends to open the Google Chrome rather than an important tool.

  • We will discuss about the document editor that is called SSuite Office, and from first glance, it will look OK.
  • The buttons are big enough to see, and it will works as you’d expect any document editor to work.
  • As same the Spreadsheet editor and the note-taking tool also will do work correctly.
  • Even there is a fantastic and active tool, that is spellchecker tool, if you want to use it, then you need open it first.
  • Then you will paste all of the document of words inside to perform spellcheck to get if you have made any mistakes.

You can also add words to the spellchecker to make sure that they will never show any type of pop up message again as an error on your device.

What’s in the utilities?

Here, you will know about one more amazing tool that is PDF Memo Creator tool. It’s not as feature-rich as the note taker, but it will work effectively, and that is most important.

At the outside of the PF Memo Creator, you will also see an Instant Messenger program. We didn’t test it out yet so we have no information how it will work and save for you.

If you want something for tracking your spending, then how about using My Money? It has the excellent ability for what it offers, don’t expect more than what other similar money-related tools competing tools have to offer.

At last, we will talk about the SSuite Image Editor. If you want a single software with some of the tools packages, then you can use SSuite Image Editor to get perfect image editing on your image. We are not saying that you have to make it your first choice, yet it’s not more powerful enough for basic editing.

We hope that this blog will help you take a safe and robust decision if you are looking for a software with amazing packages.

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