How to Use Amazon Alexa Device?

A hell lot of time has been spent talking about Alexa. Well, the time spent is worth it, because its popularity is increasing day by day. Alexa didn’t slow down even once after its release. A lot has been talked about it that even if you are not using it, you can’t deny that you haven’t heard of it. She can also cook a turkey now, what else can you expect from a digital assistant?

What is Alexa?

There are chances that you must have heard about it already, as it is not such a new concept in technology. You must have heard about Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana etc. Alexa and the other helping hands might not be as smart as Ironman’s Jarvis, but their functions are almost similar. If you ask her any question, she will respond immediately. There is no hard and fast rule for using Alexa, just call her name like hey Alexa, then ask a question or deliver any demand. Alexa can also remind you of things that are important to you. It is really convenient. It reduces your physical activities.

However, you can’t actually purchase Alexa as it is synonymous with products such as the Echo. Alexa is Amazon’s voice control system that speaks about your wishes to Echo smart speaker. You don’t even need to press an activation button, merely say the name. After using it for some time, you will find that Alexa is way more natural than Apple’s Siri. You can just sit and Alexa to play your favorite music. You can even ask her about favorite going on deals in shopping.

Features of Alexa

You can’t expect a gadget to do everything like a normal human being; it still can reduce human efforts to a significant degree.

  1. Outpour Music– Just tell Alexa to play any song, artist etc., and it will come up with it from the Amazon Prime Music Library. She has easy access to services like Spotify and Pandora. It has access to online Internet radio services like TuneIn and iHeartRadio.
  2. It can go through the headlines– Not only does Alexa stream from the local news channels, it also curates flash briefing of headlines from the user’s favorite news outlets and on their  favorite topics. Just ask her about the news.
  3. It can keep tabs on the traffic and weather– Alexa can easily read the forecast, allow you to know if there is any jam on the way to save up your time.
  4. Keep up with timers and alarms– If you tell her to wake you up every morning at 8 AM, then she will never fail to do it.
  5. It will respond to all of your questions– Alexa can work as a tutor, it can solve some fundamental mathematics problems, crack some jokes and even make conversions. She is well equipped with movie references.

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