How to fix Error 0xD000000C when activating Office 2016 on Mac?

When you are working on your computer system, you can be facing a lot of errors. This can either appear in numerous series or as in single error code message on your computer screen. These messages indicate that something is wrong while running a particular application on your computer system. Due to these error messages, you have to trouble with lots of problems in running the applications. It is very important that you can obtain some information about the common errors that might occur in your computer system. While activating office 2016 on Mac then there is one such error occurred  Error 0xD000000C.

This is one of the common error which shows while activating office in Mac. At the time of activation an error message shows on your computer screen about the error code, then firstly, you have to try the manual process for resolving the error but sometimes. it might not be effective. If the problem is still the same then we suggest using some PC tool to remove the Error 0xD000000C. If this continues, it might be due to malfunctioning of the system. Here we describe some points that help you in resolving the error. Follow these steps carefully it will save your precious time and your valuable steps. We try to provide the best solution for resolving the Error 0xD000000C.

How to fix Error 0xD000000C when activating Office 2016 for Mac?

While activating office 2016 on your Mac, you might be seen this Error 0xD000000C. To resolve this error we providing you some solution by which you can resolve your error in few minutes.

Troubleshoot the Error code  0xD000000C on office 2016 for Mac

Step-1  Ensure that your internet connection is working properly on the Mac, in which you’re trying to install the office 2016.

Step-2  You can also do this by opening your internet browser and going to the official website of  MSOffice( If the page is loading properly, that means your internet connection is working.

Step-3  Leave out all Offices applications that are opened on your system.

Step-4  Then, Download and run the License removal tool to remove all the Offices entries from your system.

Step-5  Open any of the Office application again and follow the activation procedure.

Are you using Network Account on your Mac?

If you’are signed your Mac by using the Network account such as Open directory accounts, so this error might occur because of activating Office 2016 in Mac.then follow the steps to sign in with Network Account.

Step-1  If you signed in your network account,

Step-2  “Sign out” and then, “Sign in” into your local user account. Try to do the activation again on your Mac.

Step-3  If you don’t have a local user account, then firstly you have to create that account..

The procedure to create the local network account is given below-

  1. From your Apple menu, select the option “System Preferences” > “Users & Groups”.
  2. Click on the “Lock” button to make changes, and “Enter” your “Password”.
  3. Then click on the “Unlock”.
  4. Select the “+(Plus)” button,
  5. Then “Enter” all new account information.
  6. Then, click the “Create User” button.
  7. Then finally, logged your local Network Account and activate it

If you are still at issue in activating the office 2016 in Mac, then the last way to solve the problem is just connected with the Microsoft customer support. They can solve your queries instantly. Microsoft customer support available 24*7 to help you immediately. Dial the toll-free number of  Microsoft Customer support for your quick assistance.

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