Guide to Enable Dolby Vision on Xbox One

Incorporation with Windows, Microsoft has launched the October update for the Xbox and brought many new features in it. The various optimization and day-to-day improvements are a standard part of most updates, but we most probably tend to talk about new features and fresh additions. And in this major update, Microsoft has developed a support for Dolby Vision video streaming on the Xbox One.  Briefly analyzing this post will have you right knowledge about how you can benefit from this update on the Xbox device.

Enable Dolby Vision on Xbox One

Dolby Vision video streaming on Xbox One

Dolby Vision is one of the high-resolution video formats that can run HDR or 4K content. It is not just known as a consumer video format but also as a process highly used by filmmakers to bring a fantastic video quality for the contents used in the movie.

Dolby Vision is different from other formats as it is providing metadata that can be different from frame to frame; it means that the TV can improve the efficiency of brightness and contrast according to the changeable metadata of every scene. However, it is more multifaceted technology then it may seem by looking. Hence, in shorter words, enjoying videos in more better brightness contrast configuration can now be believed, and all thanks to Dolby Vision recently added in Xbox One by Microsoft.

Steps to enable Dolby Vision on Xbox One

If there are a supported television and a premium Netflix account, then you can undoubtedly start using this feature and experience the difference from standard HDR streaming. You can see this feature on all type of Xbox One S and Xbox One X devices.

To enable Dolby Vision on your Xbox, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Tap on Display and Sound and go to the Video output settings.
  • After that, select Video Modes and enable the Allow Dolby Vision checkbox.
  • Then restart your Xbox One console.

That’s it! After you go through these steps, Dolby Vision will automatically be enabled when the supported content appears on-screen.

Dolby Vision is an excellent addition to the Xbox family. It will enhance your streaming experience and also, let you enjoy the services that have already been paid for. Excluding this, the October update has also rolled out with more exciting features such as the new Xbox Avatar Editor and skills for Cortana and Alexa. Microsoft is really looking after of the desires of its users. Stay tuned for more updates.

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