Google Chrome Introduces New Progressive Web Apps(PWAs) for Windows 10

Chrome 70 is out with a new feature under its sleeve, which allows the user to install Progressive Web Apps or PWA in their browser. What Progressive Web Apps does is, it converts regular websites like Twitter or Spotify into an application similar to ones which we use on our mobile phone. Basically, it enhances the cosmetic value of a site.

PWAs are available for quite some time later, but by inculcating this feature by Google Chrome much broader user base now can access this feature. Not many sites provide such features, nor there is any PEA store to avail such apps, so it is quite possible not to have PWAs for your favourite sites but still few websites like Twitter, Spotify provides them.

How to Install PWAs

If you wish to have a PWA for your Windows 10, the first requirement is to check that does that site have a PWA or not. You can find an Install PWA on the top right corner of the site where you can initialize your download. If PWA is available, follow these steps to download it for your windows.

  1. Choose “Chrome Menu” from the toolbars right corner.
  2. Click on the “Install” button.
  3. Select “Yes” in the verification pop-up.

After the installation finished, you will see a new icon on the desktop of the PWA that you have downloaded. You can also pin the PWA onto your task manager.

If you want to have a list of all the PWAs on your system, you can do it easily by opening your Google chrome and typing “chrome://apps/ on the address bar, which would display all the installed PWSs on your system. This feature comes in handy as it provides the user with the overview and makes it much more efficient for him.

Sometimes users require help and support to solve their PWA related issues, but chrome currently does not have any PWAs stores like Google Play store for Android users to rectify their problems.

And at times, it becomes hard for users even to install the PWAs as one has to access the exact URL of the PWA to install it. So it is better believed that soon Google Chrome would also include customer support base for PWAs.

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