Compress Files with this Free Online File Compressor Tool

Sometimes, when things come to either sharing any of the file like video, audio, images, PDF or any other, then there is always an issue of size limitation. For instance, Gmail only allows users to upload files of maximum 20MB. If there is more, then you need to use Google Drive. Therefore, it will apply to any of the websites including the social network. And if anyone wants to reduce the size of any file, then they can upload it at most of the places.

However, there are many other techniques, websites, and software which are available for reducing the size of the file. So now here we provide you the procedure of how you can compress files by using the free Online File Compressor called as you compress.

Steps to Compress Files by Using Free Online File Compressor

Always try to keep the compression in mind, as this service does not offer anything new. However, it offers a list of features which make it secure, safe and also the easiest way to compress your files such as audio, video, images and many other documents. And this tool will support many other files including the MP4, MOV, PNG, PDF,JPG, JPEG, GIF and many more.

Let’s take a glance at these below-given features:

1- Lossless Compression:

The quality of images and video files are maintained by this tool. Bu using this tool you are not in the loss regarding the quality of the files.

2- Secure:

Unlike some other websites, it also offers a very secure connection during the time of uploading. And it also uses the HTTPS(SSL) connection which confirms that your files are still not exposed.

3- Unlimited Compression:

By using this tool you can compress files as many as you want, it means there is no any restriction in compression of files. But the website has few limitations on the size of the file.

4- Work on Any Platforms:

Since it is a web-based compression, so that you can easily use it on any of the platforms including the Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and also in iOS.

5- Files are removed:

Any of the file which is uploaded on the server is easily deleted by using this tool. And it also helps you in deleting the compressed version of files. Though, this process will take a few hours incompletion.

6- No Watermark:

No, any watermark will be used in the compressed file or documents. It simply means that you will be able to use the compressed image anywhere.

However, you will easily get to know about the percentage of the compressions for those files that you upload on their servers. And it will only depend on the category of file, but the percentage might differ. We noticed that the compressed images, you will get 60 to 70% compression in PNG files, 70 to 80% compression for MP4 files and many more. And do not worry about the quality of videos and images, it will be maintained itself.

Always remember that there is no any way to re-download the files if you close the page that offers you to download the after compression. So if you have any files that you want to compress, then you can visit on

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